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Corporate Branding

We enjoy developing a corporate brand identity for our clients because it is one of the most important elements of marketing . A brand’s identity is not simply a logo. It is the image that comes to your customer’s mind when your brand is mentioned. A great brand combines design, messaging, and strategy to evoke emotion and convey the value of your company.

Developing corporate identity that is strong and accurately reflects your business’ culture, service and product is essential to the success of your business.

We can help you to create a cohesive and fresh look that presents your organization’s philosophy to the widest possible audience. From concept through completion, a design strategy is developed to meet your specific communication needs, always with attention to budget and timeline.

Our Corporate Identity Development Process Consists of Several Different Phases

  • Our process begins with logo design and a creative brief in which we ask our clients in-depth questions about their company’s mission, services, products, goals and culture. This will ensure we understand the purpose and expectations of the project
  • Once we understand the client’s vision and goals, we proceed with our marketing research. We research our client’s industry, competitors and all other relevant data that we feel is necessary to determine the brand’s image.
  • After research has been compiled and a direction has been agreed upon, our designers take over. We work on several initial concepts of the logo in order to materialize a design. After we present a concept that appeals to the client, we start refine the logo further.
  • During the process, we present several font choices for our client to review and choose from. We then move into the color selection process. After much research and feedback from our client, we provide a range of color schemes for our client to choose from.
  • We make small design edits and tweaks and eventually we present the final product to our client.