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Mobile App Development


We create apps for several platforms; iPhone, iPad, Android, HTML5 and more. Our developers have experience that spans across platforms and that ensures we can help you choose the right mobile app services and solutions. We adhere to engineering best practices, this ensures that the apps we develop are compatible with future updates. We specialize in producing clean, maintainable, extendable code that can serve as a solid foundation for further development. We do this so that everything runs as expected and smoothly from the get go and there will be no need to develop from scratch again.

Effective and eye-catching mobile design is more than appearance. It’s how things function. Our team of engineers and designers collaborate to push the envelope. We build, easy-to-use, intuitive applications that are visually appealing.

Our team is brimming with mobile designers, strategists, product managers, engineers and architects. All projects are allocated to a team leader, who will report to the client as their day-to-day project manager. We develop apps that are easy to scale, based on project needs. We have streamlined our process so that we can easily adhere to timelines and schedules. All our projects offer budget flexibility and there are no restraints on what can be developed. Simple to complex, we cater to all project requirements.

Key Stages

  • Understanding the client’s needs and objectives
  • Evaluating and analyzing competitors and the market
  • Android and/or iOS concept
  • Minimal viable product requirements (MVP)
  • Features
  • Time and budget estimation


We build effective and engaging apps that provide users with a good experience. We help you plan and conceptualize all aspects of your app. After an initial discussion, we will develop storyboards and wireframes for every page within the app. Following that, we collaborate in presenting an inherently intuitive app, that conveys your sentiments and achieves your objectives.

We develop native applications that can push and utilize platforms to their very limits. This helps with the user interface and enhances the overall experience of using the app. We have an intimate understanding of the current technologies and are able to mould and mesh them together, in order
to create a superior app.

We have engineered core technologies that allow us to rapidly add complex features that:

  • Stream audio and video content
  • Apply effects to video and images
  • Display and analyze geolocation information
  • Communicate with web services
  • Store and retrieve from a local database
  • Post content to social networks

Five Steps to Better Mobile App Design


The first thing we do is listen. It is imperative that we comprehend what our client wants to achieve and how they wish to convey their message. Each story is different and it impacts both design and development. Ensuring objectives are reached and users will be able to take full advantage of the application, requires a great deal of understanding.

Conceive and Conceptualize

We brainstorm, we explore and push boundaries. It doesn’t matter where you start, but where you end up. Ideas don’t grow on trees, but when you explore, you discover avenues you may not have otherwise found. We poke holes in problems and try to come up with solutions. We design and design till we have exhausted all possible avenues and have come up with a great idea.

Storyboards and Wireframes

An essential part of app design and development, would be storyboarding and developing wireframes. By focusing on the story and solution, we can provide a better user experience. This step is vital in creating a rough draft of the final design.

Design & Illustration

We use our rough draft, from the storyboard and the wireframes to then aid us in coming up with the finished product. Designing and illustrating is what takes a raw product and moulds it into a finished one. Our team of designers and illustrators work together to develop a visually appealing app that works as planned.

Observation & Iteration

When it comes to apps, there is always room for improvement. There are always tweaks and upgrades to be made based on user experience and feedback. Iterating is vital to success. After we have designed and built an app, we examine it and see if we can elevate it. Our aim isn’t just to design and develop your app and move on. We endeavour to provide every client with the app they wanted the day they hired us.