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Mobile Site Development


Conventional websites do not display too well on mobile devices with smaller screens. A responsive website is a single website that adapts to whichever device the user is using, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or desktop. This enables content to be resized for a variety of different screen sizes, in order to ensure the website is displayed well and easy to navigate. Your users will thus be able to have a consistent experience visiting your website on all devices. It is impractical to develop different versions of your website to make sure the website shows up properly in each of these devices.

How it Works


The content dynamically adapts to the screen size, as you can see each block just assembles differently but in order. Everything remains consistent across the board and there is no distortion. It is important to ensure all designs appear as they should regardless of the device being used.

With increase in usage of smartphones and tablets, businesses need to ensure their customers and potential customers are seeing them in their best light. User engagement improves, as mobile users usually have different needs from your website as compared to a pc or laptop. Responsive sites are also recommended by search engines as they help avoid duplicate content issues. This would mean an improved ranking for your websites.

We can either create a responsive website from scratch or convert your existing website into a responsive website. The transition is seamless and is definitely a worthwhile move to make. Are your competitors customers able to have a better experience on their websites? Many businesses have made the transition or are making the transition as this is becoming the standard.