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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a partnership where one website has customers driven to it by adverts on an affiliate website.
You recruit a network of affiliates, who’s aim is to send you customers in the hope of increasing sales, the affiliates are only compensated when a predetermined action is achieved. This action could be a sale, lead, user or just traffic to the website.

Setting up an affiliate program can be a complex process, we aim to simplify it.

We can assist you with the following

  • Suggesting the right partners to ensure the integrity of your brand and quality of leads
  • We help incorporate the affiliate program with a digital marketing strategy to maximize ROI
  • Sourcing new affiliates
  • We advise you on the best ways to utilize your affiliates


Affiliate marketing is a cost efficient way of enhancing visibility and sales for your company. It is based on cost per acquisition (CPA), this means there will be no initial layout. You only pay affiliates once you receive your action. This ensures you are not wasting money on advertising upfront, with no guarantee of revenue. When margins are small and you need to drive growth, affiliate marketing can be a viable solution to drive revenue, as you only ever pay for conversions.

With thousands of affiliates with websites, forums and blogs out there in your market, there is an audience who would be interested in your products. These affiliates can be utilized to increase market share, grow your customer base and develop your brand on a commission basis. You would be controlling the commission from the outset, so there are no hidden charges to fear. The more visibility your site has, you increase the chance of sales and will be more like to succeed.

There are several different types of sites within an affiliate network that can be utilized to market your brand. These range from content blogs, social media affiliates, loyalty sites, voucher code sites, cash-back sites and PPC affiliates.

We help you understand and maximize the value of the affiliate channel as a way to increase online conversions.

We will help you understand where, what and how your affiliates are producing traffic for your brand. This will ensure your brand is being represented correctly and they are upholding your image. We optimize everything to your needs.

If you are considering utilizing affiliate marketing for your brand or already have an existing one you which to develop further, please contact us to discuss a strategy and proceeding with more conversions for your business.