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Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) is a useful tool in online marketing. CRO is at the crossroads of A/B Testing and Web design/development. With CRO, we scientifically test users’ actions on a website. We gather specific data points and then use that data to optimize the website and increase the conversion rate, thus increasing revenue.

How does CRO work?

Once a user has found your website, they can view the home page or further peruse your website going deeper into other pages. What we do is direct them into completing an action you want. This can be signing up user, joining the mailing list, spending longer on your website or purchasing a product. Basically, your end goal becomes the target for every user. We optimize the website to ensure this goal is met, thus converting every hit on the website, into a useful lead.

We do this by first optimizing the landing page. Then we try to funnel the user into going to the specific page, to complete the preferred action. We can then measure all of these actions to find out whether our strategies work.


CRO maximizes your marketing expenditure. It is no good just getting hits to a website if that doesnt somehow provide value. CRO fuses your business goals with your website content. You can increase your revenue with the same amount of traffic because each user is more likely to be of higher value with the optimization.

The CRO process is always ongoing and is never finished. You can constantly view users actions and enhance your website to intuitively create value from users. We constantly monitor and measure the performance of your website’s pages, ensuring each one is achieving its maximum and increasing roi.

By evaluating user behaviour and scientifically defining usability we aim to enhance the performance of your website and maximize ROI. We shape the user experience to match your goals.

We dont just identity how users convert but we try to comprehend why they convert and why dont. Our approach consists of user behaviour analysis, heatmap analysis and attribution modelling to define the usability of your key pages. We then strategize, experiment, develop and redevelop through A/B testing to craft the best optimized user experience.

CRO enables your SEO, PPC and all other marketing efforts to become immediately more profitable. It is not enough to just send users to your website, it is vital to then convert those users to real value.

Our Process

  • Listening
  • Evaluation
  • Design
  • Analysis
  • Review


What We Do

  • Testing of usability
  • Generating heatmaps
  • Segmentation
  • Personalisation
  • Customer surveys
  • A/B testing
  • Google analytics
  • Customer experience audit