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Reputation Management


Online reputation management is the influencing of a client’s reputation on the internet.

This applies to both individuals and businesses of all sizes. All businesses are aware of the power of the Internet and social media. Actions can cause serious long lasting damage to a brand’s image, an image that took many years to establish.

Search engine results, social networks, media, blogs, and forums, all sentiments from these places come together to form your brand reputation. These sites are a double edged sword, as they can both enhance or destroy your reputation.

The widespread use of social media has changed the game. Anyone and everyone is a critic and their words wield a lot of power. People tend to believe negative items and reviews much quickr than they are influenced by organic advertising. Negative reviews can get a lot of coverage and can be read by thousands of people online. These damaging opinions can then be shared across social media, creating a wave of potentially damaging coverage that can bury a brand.

This is where online reputation management is incredibly useful. The sole aim is to control what is displayed to customers and potential customers. It is all about promoting positivecontent about your brand and challenging and removing negative content. Search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo are the first lines of engagement. People will search for your company on there and the results will enable them to form an opinion. Sometimes those results arent very favourable. This is where we have several strategies to rectify the situation.

These days brand reputation has no borders. Online and offline are fused into one and both influence opinion. It is imperitive that you are in a position to quickly comprehend and rapidly respond to the most important conversations about your brand. This involves forming a strategy on the best use of every online platform your brand is on. Also, ensuring there is constant monitoring of brand mentions and sentiments across the Internet.

People will express their opinions about your business, whether that conversation is positive or negative can come down to how involved you are in those conversations. These comments can leave a lasting impression and can be viewed over and over again by customers, old and new.

These online platforms can have a customer advocate how good your brand is or it can become a collage of all the mistakes you have committed.

We will help companies take control of online relationships and overall brand sentiments.

Our strategy will be to influence and monitor a brand’s entire online presence. This includes managing customer relationships by finding and engaging customers in online discussions. Every online mention or interaction is a part of that brand’s online Reputation, which makes online reputation management a necessary part of a brand’s marketing strategy.